Its All Waves

"Not only in dreams in the free association of ideas (which phenomenon often comes just before sleep) but also when fully awake, listening to music, I find an analogy and a close union between colours, sounds and scents. I have the impression that all these things have been created by one and the same ray of light, and that they are destined to unite in a wonderful concert."—Baudelaire





Its All Waves is a project that provides an interpretation of color through sound and imagery in which I provided ten individual bands a color, and asked them to create an instrumental piece based solely around that color as the subject. I then constructed a video narrative by combining my knowledge of each color and my interpretations provided from the bands musical interpretation of color. The project consists of analyzing the color scale plus black, white and gray. The nature of the piece illustrates the idea that as much as we try to determine a meaning for color it cannot be specifically or universally confined. Color is applied from our own subjective minds. It's All Waves explores the subjective relations between color, sound and the psychological effects.