Search for Graphic Design

...A three part search involving the community, a never ending wordsearch installation and a self solving video search.

In The History of Graphic Design, Meggs Epilogue discuss aspects of what the altered state of graphic design in relationship to the building blocks that make up what graphic design is and how it expands beyond our own understanding but is needed for a purpose. After reading Cult of the Amateur, I was influence by the discussion within the book which critiques the cultural shift of who is creating for whom and for what purpose.

The extent of debate around where we are now in graphic design in comparison to where we have been seemed to go to the core of not only the students but professors, colleagues and other acquaintances of the field. I found I have no solution but mainly questions in result and that the only way to find a solution is to keep searching for one.

My exploration focuses on three key points. First community is key because without community what is the purpose? The second point I established was the goal of seeking out what design is helping. Lastly, I questioned if we move so fast thru technology and trying to find a solution we lose the meaning behind what we do. My first approach was a gridded system of terms that seems never ending. The second approach was a solvable puzzle extended out for the community to search from. The final solution was a seemingly resolved wordsearch that collapses in itself due to its fast pace and the overbearing jumbled amount of representation of What is Graphic Design?