...A typeface inspired by tetris, architecture and construction transformed into a childrens puzzle.

The typeface, RIVET, is an educational practice for kids, both in learning the alphabet, and by stimulating the mind to solve puzzles. The typeface is based around tetris due to how it functions as stacked forms, the geometry, and the desire to explore playing with pieces.

I had became interested in the concepts of how Christian Schwartz ultimately got his ideas for the typeface Neutraface. Neutraface is based on modernist architect Richard Neutra. The use of the concepts of structure, building and geometrical form inspired me to do something premised from a similar origin.

I cut out the tetron (the name of the shapes from the tetris) pieces and kept maneuvering and drawing forms until I had a solidified solution. This was repeated multiple times in order to get a range of approaches to how to build the type. I then took the typeface into the computer in order to generate the block depth needed to formalize the type. I had created an animation showcasing how the typeface would be constructed as well as to be able to place the typeface back into its original context. In the video, the score is the date of tetris coming into creation and the level is a summation of the steps taken in order to get to the video.