Rapunzel Campaign

A contemporary application of the story of Rapunzel used to address signs of abuse of women.

What I found after further analyzes of the story of Rapunzel, was that there were parallels of Rapunzel to the signs of woman in abusive situations and this could be utilized as a means to reach women. I began to draw ties not only from the stories women shared of abuse but the strong ties of women and there hair being a key symbol. That representation drove my process to creating a silhouette backed by hair with light peering thru from behind. The stories all became solidified with the phrase, "even fairy tales have their horror stories," representing that no story in life is perfect, so don't be afraid to voice your story. The image is placed on a mirror so that you would not only be peering into your story, you would be seeing bits of yourself at certain points. The process consisted of a photo transfer to mirrors. The proposed installment for the mirrored images would be within female bathrooms alongside the mirrors.