More Into Less

...A proposed installation for downtown savannah intended to encourage community engagement through creative exploration.

"More into Less" is a quote from Ed Fella. My interpretation was stemmed from the reading 'Awfully Beautiful.' There is a point at which they translate Ed Fella's phrase to "making more from less." The phrase inspired an idea of activating a space that I felt wasn't being utilized to its fullest potential. The end goal was to bring people together and encourage social engagement rather than looking in from the outside. The setting of choice was Ellis square in Savannah, Ga, due to the constant flow of people in the area. In between city market area, and the fountains, there is an open space that is typically never acknowledge other than as a walk path. The proposal consisted of placing a large less within the square. The piece is directed towards the hotels surrounding the square in order to cause intrigue and encourage them to go out and explore what is happening in the space. From ground level, the goal is to encourage anyone and everyone to create a community art piece, that would carry more meaning than just the open land. Ed Fella's "More into Less" has been transformed into a literal placing of more into less.